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Freedom Bank is the best Business Bank in Overland Park.

Equal Opportunity Employer

NOTE: We respect your privacy in the zealous way we respect our customer's privacy. Your information will not be shared outside of our Executive Management team.

What We Offer.

Freedom Bank offers competitive compensation, a well-rounded, comprehensive benefit package, ongoing training and support, and numerous opportunities for advancement for those employees with a desire to succeed and move up - in fact, the entire culture is based around hiring those individuals that aspire to do more with their work lives and have the drive and commitment to invest the required effort into the growth of their career.

Our Story.

Our team opened Freedom Bank, a community bank located just east of Metcalf on 143rd Street, in 2006. In that short time, we have created a vision, culture and mindset seldom seen in the banking industry -- the organization is a meritocracy built upon the solid foundation of effective communications and well-defined ideals. As a partner to privately-held businesses throughout the Kansas City area, we go deep to provide a truly objective well-informed resource for our clients. As a personal bank, we have set a new standard for customer service in a unique, private, high-service environment.

Career-focused individuals are rewarded with rapid advancement opportunities based upon their achievements, and after an initial period, every employee participates in a merit-based incentive system.

We anticipate hiring 20-40 people over the next 5-7 years. Our organizational chart is dynamic, it is continually changing as new skills are learned and value is created.


The site where we are located was a grass field in 2005. Learn from the team that created a bank from scratch, developed the real estate, reinvented the retail delivery model and built the culture you've always dreamed of. Learn from the decision makers.


We offer a positive, fast-paced, professional environment. Our management team has an average age of 39, which compares to an industry average age of 65. Effective communication is critical. We are a meritocracy. The pace of your career advancement is determined by you. You have the opportunity to learn more here in two years than you will learn in five years elsewhere.


Success is the peace of mind that comes from knowing you did the best you are capable of doing, to become the best you are capable of becoming.

It is important to feel a great sense of challenge, accomplishment and enrichment in your career.

At Freedom Bank, you have the opportunity to learn more in two years than

in five somewhere else.

If you want to see what tomorrow looks like, look at what you are doing today.

It's about tomorrow -- Learn. Do. Become.

Live with more intention. Make today count.