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Local Motive.

Put your money to work in your community to build a stronger, more vibrant area economy.

If out-of-town financial concerns with rescue plans and bailouts aggravate you - you're not alone.
Make sure your bank is benefitting your local economy versus spending your tax dollars elsewhere.

Come in and see us!

Avoid the velvet ropes.

They're great for keeping the riffraff out of sketchy nightclubs, but if your bank uses them, we really should talk.

Our Guest Plaza® features first-class pampering with no lines, no waiting, and definitely no ropes.

16 seconds.

The usual time elapsed between you walking in the door, and relaxing comfortably with a refreshment, while our pleasant, friendly and efficient associate attends to your business.

You never stand in line.

No awkward elevator ride.

Waiting in a big lobby line with your private business in hand puts you on a long, uncomfortable "elevator ride."

You'll get immediate, private, first-class attention in the Guest Plaza® - without having to take the stares.

Come in and see us!

Welcome to the Guest Plaza®

The first offering ever designed completely from the customer's perspective, with features and amenities you won't find anywhere else.

We offer all of the digital products and services the giant banks have too - but you can actually talk to a person!

Immediate Attention

When you enter the building, you are greeted by our Concierge who will take your transaction and begin to process it while you get a refreshment and relax, or direct you to a private booth if you prefer. Whether you're in a big hurry or want to take your time, you are always welcomed and attended to directly.

Private Booths

Instead of conducting your business in a large room full of people standing in line, you have the option of sitting comfortably in a private space to handle your transactions.


A Comfortable Space

You are always welcome to stop in and relax, work, study or meet friends in our cozy spot. Instead of a stuffy bank lobby, we have a Guest Plaza® that features a free cappuccino bar, freshly brewed Starbucks® coffee, Tazo® teas, ice cold beverages, house-baked cookies, fresh fruit, free wi-fi, a guest computer, video games and over 90 magazines to peruse at your leisure.

Come in and see us!

Home Grown.

Many banks have local-sounding names, but are just branches of out-of-town concerns with decisions and priorities lying elsewhere.

  • Identified as One of the Top Five Small Banks in Kansas City by the Kansas City Business Journal.
  • Awarded a 5-Star Rating from Bauer Financial - every quarter for the past 10 years.
  • Fastest deposit growth, for a single location bank, in our zip code for the past 15 years. (The big banks, with over a 100-year head start, have to have more than one location in our zip code to beat us!)
Come in and see us!

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The Plan

Step 1 - Talk with us

We have a passion for treating our customers as we want to be treated and for learning our customers needs.

Step 2 - Develop a Plan

After carefully listening to your needs, we'll work with you to customize a plan that meets your needs.

Step 3 - Relax!

If you ever need anything - you can actually talk with a person!

You've got this.

About Us

Over the years, going to the bank has become a dreaded experience. Nobody greets you. There are lines forming while extra teller windows are closed. The environment is very stale (along with the coffee). Because of your bank's layout, you explain your most personal details about your financial life to the whole lobby.

It doesn't have to be that way!

At Freedom Bank, we take our customer's perspective in everything we do. We have a passion for treating our customers like we want to be treated ourselves. We have a passion for learning about our customer's needs so we can provide them with the best service possible. It is our goal to make your visit to the bank the highlight of your day. Stop in and experience private, first-class banking! (Oh yeah, we have all the technology the mega banks have too, but you can still talk to a person!).